Chestnut creams

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Enjoy this delicious chestnut cream recipe, made in France by hand!

The raw chestnuts are cooked for two hours, with the water boiling. They are then passed through a husking machine to remove the large skins. The pulp of the chestnuts is recovered and then passed through the refiner before being mixed with crystal sugar in a cooker for 20 minutes. This recipe will keep the flavour and taste of the chestnut intact.

Discover the plain recipe called "Artisanale" as well as the variations to surprise your taste buds! A l'Ancienne with its chestnut chips, delicately flavoured withArmagnac, Rum, the smoothness of Caramel, textured with hazelnut oralmond slivers.

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Net weight: 350 g

Ingredients: Chestnut puree, 10% sugar and water

Parfums disponibles : Artisanale , A l’ancienne ( avec brisures de marrons )

Source : Château Arnoux, Provence, France

Date limite de consommation : A conserver au frais 1 mois après l’ouverture

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Artisanal (plain), Old fashioned, Rum, Armagnac, Caramel, Almonds, Hazelnuts, Coffee, Peppered ginger, Candied orange, Genepi


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